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    Protect Civilization. Strengthen the Church. Defend the Family.

Is Oikophilia Biblical?

"Love of home" is central to conservative political philosophy. We at the Reformed Conservative contend that Oikophilia is a biblical concept.

Refuting Relativism

Russell Kirk said, "Our twentieth-century world has experienced the hideous consequences of the collapse of belief in a moral order." If we in society exchange belief in objective morality --a transcendent moral order-- for clever sophism is indubitably to commit moral suicide.

A Depraved New World

Sex is one of the most foundational issues in our culture today. Read more to see what caused the dramatic shift in our culture’s attitude towards sex.

What is the Revolution?

Revolution is the characteristic world-political signature of our age, the establishment of society on man's will rather than God's order and providence.

The Problem With Critical Race Theory Pt 1

This influence is in American academia in the college syllabi that seek to understand history, literature, religion, etc. through lenses that critique capitalism, Christianity, individualism, and social conservatism.

Psychology of Political Witch Hunts

Political witch-hunts follow a basic pattern. Random violence, false accusations, and crimes against a vague collective. These witch-hunts drive the cultural revolution, propelling the injustice of social justice.

Groen van Prinsterer and the Nature of Civil Authority: A Timely Reminder during the Corona Crisis

Groen van Prinsterer’s conservative political message from the nineteenth century, and in particular his conviction that societal decline and state tyranny are fruits of apostasy, is surprisingly relevant for our current times.

What is the RefCon view on animal rights?

When we say that morality does not exist between humans and animals, we mean that it does not intrinsically exist. A moral relationship always entails a second-person relationship of accountability.

Stahl’s Reformed Theory of Freedom

The difference between liberty and license was prominent in Stahl's view of freedom. Building explicitly on an Augustinian conception of ethics and freedom, Stahl articulates a counterintuitive view of political freedom we need to hear today.

Augustine On Social Justice

To Augustine, we have two ways of acquiring justice: transcendent and immanent. Some describe imminent justice as legal justice and transcendent justice as religious justice. However, the Social Justice movement conflates the two.