Reality Check

Horror stories of Islamic Terror gain instant attention across the globe. Fear grips those of us who wonder, ‘how bad is it going to get?’ 9/11, San Bernadino, Brussels, Paris, London…The list goes on. The news screen flashes of mobs screaming and demanding for Western civilizations to adopt Sharia Law. The question is raised, ‘Is Sharia Law coming to a town near you?’

The Muslim population in the United States is approximately 3.3 million Muslims equaling about 1% of the population. Rumors have spread recently that a few cities in Michigan implemented Sharia Law. This rumor is false. NO cities in the U.S. have implemented Sharia Law, BUT…

Instead of Sharia Courts, there are “dispute resolution services” offered to practicing Muslims. These are like the ecclesiastical courts of the Christian church, yet they are based on religious Islamic law. They are, supposedly, only civil type courts which are non-binding and do not adjudicate criminal violations. These courts will deal with family issues, for example.

Within the U.S. there have been times where Sharia Law was used as a defense for particular crimes. Hypothetical Example: “I killed my daughter for not obeying me in marrying this Muslim”—under Sharia Law, this is considered an honor killing and is acceptable. Some states though have banned such laws from applying, and this defense cannot be used. Sharia Law, in it’s current practice, is a violation of human rights.

What is going on now?

The threat of Muslims demanding Sharia Law have caused states to adopt counter-laws banning any Sharia legislature. Defender of the American way of life, Rep. Chip Limehouse from South Carolina, sponsored a bill banning Sharia Law. Limehouse has stated that Sharia has been used as defenses within the court systems. Limehouse urges more states to adopt legislation banning Sharia Law to apply within U.S. courts.

“Sharia Law has been used as a defense in American courtrooms.”   


The Following States Have Banned Sharia Law

North CarolinaOklahomaSouth CarolinaTexasVirginia
MissouriWyomingMississippiWest VirginiaKentucky

I’m Islamophobic!

Some people like to throw politically charged language like ‘Islamophobe’ to those who say anything negative regarding Islam. Well, to be honest, I admit that I am afraid of Islam because I know what Islam teaches. Whether or not nominalist Muslims believe it, the Islamic texts proscribe the heinous carnage that is taking place. I am not afraid of being called Islamophobic. I think it’s healthy to be honest about such things.

“The peaceful majority are irrelevant.” –Brigitte Gabriel

The peaceful majority in NAZI Germany did not make a difference for peace during WWII. “Most Muslims are peaceful.” Or so the argument goes. The majority of peaceful Muslims are simply irrelevant. If only 7% of the Muslim population in the U.S. were ‘radical,’ that would be approximately 231,000 people. That is not a small, 100 person rogue congregation of Westboro Baptist fanatics. This is 231,000 people. That is 6 ½ times the largest basketball arena in the U.S. filled to capacity. Amongst these radicals, their desire is to see Sharia Law reign in this land.

The majority of peaceful Muslims are simply irrelevant. 


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