On The Right to Lethal Self Defense

There is great political upheaval in our current times. Propaganda, along with a general decline of Christian influence, has forced the great degradation of systematic thought in Western Civilization. Though vast amounts of information and opinions traverse the mental landscape, the average man lacks an explicit, coherent framework from which to make such confident assertions. Paradoxically, this lack of a personal, explicit worldview is oftentimes coupled with the most dogmatic of spirits. The most alarming form of this dogmatism aims at forcefully stripping others of what Conservatives and Libertarians refer to as “fundamental human rights.” These radicals seek to achieve their objective through governmentally enforced violence (coercion). This violent foundationless dogmatism should be met head on with rights-centered dogmatism grounded in systematic rationality. Men need a coherent worldview, not groundless emotionalism, to give weight to their political assertions. What follows is an attempt to provide such foundations for those who believe in the fundamental right to self-defense. The two essential liberties necessary to secure the freedom of men from tyranny are that of speech and of self defense. For the sake of brevity, only the latter will be defended here. Individuals have the right to lethal, self defense in cases of mortal danger from other persons. That right is secured by God through Natural Law which is written on the heart of all men; its nature and foundations are illuminated through Special Revelation. Through the illumination of God’s Word, the Christian Philosopher is equipped with a foundation with which he can make confident assertions about his right to self-defense in a coherent, consistent, and persuasive way.

The Biblical Foundation of Natural Law


The Scriptural doctrine of Natural Law is based on the form of man as being made in God’s own image (Gen 1:26). To image