The Military and Police Force is Combat – Female Combatant Series

This series is to answer the objections that people have to support the unBiblical and ungodly notion that it is acceptable for women to be in the military and police force. This series is, in fact, the first chapter of my new and upcoming book.

6. I believe women should not be allowed on the front lines in combat, but the police force isn’t combat.

This was my number one justifier in joining the military and police force. I joined the Army National Guard in 2011 and a Washington State police department in 2012. I cannot emphasize enough how much I firmly believed prior to joining that women should not be allowed on the front lines and in combat. This was based on my view of scripture. My job in the military was considered “non-combat.” I viewed myself sitting behind a desk and not seeing “combat.” This is a lie that I want to debunk. Little did I know that any job in the military and police force is in fact combat.

Before I continue I would like to list the definition of combat. Combat: “Fighting between armed forces” (Google). Other definitions include, “a fight or contest between individuals or groups, conflict, controversy, active fighting in a war” (Merriam Webster).

When going through Basic Combat Training (BCT) for the Army, a few days into training the soldier is issued a rifle and is responsible for maintaining and upkeeping it. Wait…a rifle? What for? My job is non combat, desk job. What is a rifle for? Protection? From what? Non combat is in a safe zone right? Not front lines. Unfortunately, in the military you are a rifleman first. If the base gets overrun by the enemy you must fight or be killed, injured, or captured. A soldier must know how to use a rifle. In today’s type of warfare there are no front lines. It is guerrilla warfare where one’s enemy looks like the civilian populous, lives with the civilians. This is opposed to the Red Coats and Continental Army in the War for Independence where there is a direct line separating the two fighting forces. Another integral part of BCT is hand-to-hand combat. Why is it called combat? Combat again is “Fighting between armed forces.” Just because there is no weapon does not mean that it is not combat. While I was a police officer and writing reports, the software program that was used listed under weapons “fists, hand, arm.” “Fighting between armed forces.” Combat. Soldiers are trained for combat. Basic Combat Training. Unfortunately, I was so brainwashed I couldn’t see any of this prior to joining.

As I mentioned above, I joined a police department and graduated from the police acade