Being a Muslim is not only a religion, but a race. The only identity one is to proclaim. In Islam, the civil government exists to uphold Muslim Law–or Sharia. Any other religion is not tolerated…

…or if it is, it must be the case for the time being. Ayaan Harsi Ali, a former Muslim, believes that the followers of Islam will stop at nothing until the whole world bows the knee and is subjugate to Allah. Does this sound like toleration? On it’s face, is Islam compatible with a pluralistic society such as the United States?

Trying to morph both western civilization with Islam is, for all intense and purposes, impossible. Western culture is taboo for most Muslims and cannot be tolerated. In the Middle East, the resounding majority believe that only one religion is right–which flies in the face of tolerance.

In the American culture, “all religions are equally right and no religion is wrong.” -D.A. Carson

Former Muslim, Nabeel Qureshi, author of Answering Jihad, wrestled with whether or not Islam promotes peace, which he was taught, or violence, which is taught in the Qur’an. His studies took him to Surah Nine in the Qur’an which essentially states that, violence is authorized in order to “prevail over every faith.”

Islam and Sharia Domination

Islamic Domination

Qureshi, like many Muslims who study this passage, came to the conclusion that true Muslims must fight against those who do not submit to Islam. How does this mesh with American culture? It does not.

Tolerance is the resounding cry in one camp, and in the other,  truth. Is it possible to champion both? The answer is No. Tolerance and the Islamic culture is a one sided relationship–like friends with benefits.  Devout Muslims look forward to the day Sharia Law can be implemented worldwide.

Should America then allow Muslims to reap the benefits of a free society without a reasonable expectation of assimilation? Should the nation try to integrate immigrants instead of allowing little cities to develop and slowly take over?

 “The spectacular failure of integration has brought some nations to the verge of social chaos” -Bruce Bawer

In the end, the true enemy of the United States is itself–just like Europe, and any other country that is a pluralistic state trying to work with Islam. Where genuineness and tolerance are on the pedestal instead of facts and  judgments, subtle domination will eventually come. When Sharia reaches a point where toleration flies out the window, western civilization as we know it is gone. Sharia does not include pluralism. From a patriotic point of view, if Muslims are not going to assimilate to western culture’s belief in freedom of religion, they need to leave–forced if necessary.

Is this too intolerant? Flip the coin to see the other side…


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