Inequality: Bavinck, Rousseau and the French Revolution

Herman Bavinck noted a profound transition from the medieval world into the modern; people are now deeply disturbed with the philosophical notions of the One and the Many in a this-worldly and practical sense, as opposed to an otherworldly, or metaphysical sense. Christianity alone has the requisite solution to make progress in the so-called “Social Question.” If correct, then Bavinck has correctly expounded the biblical tension that is necessary for answering the question of inequality.

The Archimedean point upon which this story unfolds is the French Revolution. So a brief overview of 1789 is in order.

Thanks to Voltaire and Rousseau providing the philosophical and theoretical framework, and thus creating the battle-cry of “Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity,” — a cry that was never answered with what it sought — the French Revolution was grounded in unbelief. With the storming of the Bastille, France also stormed i