Francis Schaeffer’s Iconoclastic Environmentalism

“Rocks and Pine” by: William Haseltine 1859

Regarding the question of environmentalism, Francis Schaeffer was deeply concerned about a latent pantheism creeping in to provide an answer. Pantheism is distinct from panentheism. 

Pantheism refers to the idea that the universe and God are one and the same thing. However, panentheism refers to the idea that, although God is bigger than the universe, nevertheless the universe is a part of God. 

There are only three logical possibilities in an approach to the environment question. We either begin with God, the universe, or man as the omega point; theism, pantheism, or atheism, respectively. Pantheism and atheism are alike in that both agree that there is no God beyond this universe, above and set apart. However, Pantheism holds that all that is, is one.