Former Lesbian Jackie Hill

jackie hillMany people, even in the reformed church, are starting to think that homosexuality is biological, that it can’t really be helped. A Christian woman is standing up and saying that God is powerful enough to change her. This amazing woman tells her story:

As early as the age of four, she experienced gender confusion and felt like she should’ve been a boy. Her next birthday brought sexual abuse which only led to more misunderstanding.

By six years old, Hill began imitating male tendencies, even standing over the toilet to urinate. Homosexual desires emerged. She fondled girls on the playground as a kindergartener.

Though these indicators are not guarantees, we nonetheless see that there is a connection with gender confusion and homosexuality. When a boy is imitating a girl, or a girl is imitating a boy, they are confused: there is no if, and, or but about that. Unfortunately, we are starting to think that these things are ‘normal’ for kids to do.

Homosexual dreams became frequent and Hill felt attracted to her female friends up until high school. No one knew. A sense of shame that haunted her since her sexual exploration on the playground kept her secret a secret.

“As a girl, I was never really called pretty, affirmed or was the focus attention of males,” said Hill.

Fathers, listen closely. If you are applauding your daughters for their strength instead of their beauty: you are wrong. It is imperative that we have a right understanding of both our daughters and homosexuality. We cannot point our daughters in the right direction if we blame their sin on ‘genetics’. Nor can we point them in the right direction if we encourage to be ‘tough and strong and brave like the boys’ and to ‘do everything the boys do’. Our actions and words have consequences. We fathers need to realize just how powerful our words can be to our children, or in Jackie’s case, lack of them.
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