Among Evangelical Christianity there has grown been a recent growth of feminism. David J. Ayers, in his chapter of Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, has stated, “Evangelicals are, just as the general public is, increasingly accepting feminist portrayals of reality and prescriptions for change, even where these contradict not only Scripture but also their own personal experiences and aspirations.”[1] Feminism, based on incorrect assumptions and misconceived presuppositions, if not challenged, will sink deep into the hearts and minds of the Church for generations to come. These assumptions and presuppositions that people have so much stock in will ultimately fail. “But at what cost?”[2]

Based on the how liberal the Evangelical Church in America is today, it would be safe to conclude that contemporary feminism is staunchly being propagated in the majority of the Evangelical Church. The foundations of feminist doctrine, for the purposes of this article, will be defined as, “an empirical doctrine leading to recommendations for social action…”[3] such as:

1. Egalitarianism

2. Male leadership eradicated

3. “Self-actualization” based on feelings, ie, a mother being an astronaut because she want’s to be, disregarding a woman’s calling in life, which clearly prohibits this possibility[4]

Feminism’s fatal foundation is that there is hardly any “biologically-based differences between the sexes.”[5] This is feminism’s foundation and it is not even close to being true. The contemporary feminist movement wants to create a uni-sex world where everything is gender neutral and there is egalitarian equality across the board in all spheres. If there is anything less than equality for the irrational feminist mindset, the blame is on male-dominated oppression and traditional gender socialization. This type of society would be possible if, and only if, there was no difference between men and women. But the problem for feminists is the myriad of scientific data and documentation that has been proving not only differences between men and women, but substantial differences. This would therefore mean that the feminist’s presupposition would collapse and that would be the end of it. The only problem is, it is now embedded within society and its roots are difficult to spot if one doesn’t know what to look for. The key to blowing down the feminist’s house of cards is the illogical inconsistencies within their “research.”

Stephen Goldberg, a researcher who has spent 17 years debating the differences with sex roles has stated, “…sexual stereotypes now so derided turn out to be basically correct.”[6] When research is taken globally across numerous cultures, tribes, people groups etc, and it shows the same type of gender differences, there is only one conclusion: People try to steer their feminists propaganda argument away from the facts. “The cultural determinist school, says Levin, ‘ignores the question of why every society has chosen to do things the same way…’ “[7]

Despite the evidence against Feminism’s foundation, the worldview still runs rampant. The facts do not support their thesis. At it’s core, feminism is motivated by sin. It is like a fire…never satisfied. The claim is equality, but as my dear husband always tells me, “ Virtually no one ever wants equality.” The heart of feminism is sinful. I believe it lies in the curse of men and women. In men, it is their for-going of responsibilities. In women, the sin lies in desiring man’s position/role and lack of submission. As long as sin is around, feminism will be right there beside it. We as the church must be diligent in exposing the lies of feminism and showing what is God’s best.


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