Diagnosis of the Psychosis of Postmodernism

We will not naturally seek the gospel but therapy. Not Biblical truth, David F. Wells explains, but encouraging maxims. His book, The Courage to Be Protestant is an indictment of the disease at the core of our culture and the core of evangelicalism.

Two reasons exist why we desire therapy. Of singular importance is our rejection of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

The second reason is more complex.

Reinhold Niebuhr correctly observed that identity comes from family, community and craft, or work. These three have taken a huge hit, and so we now struggle with a lack of identity. No identity; no meaning. Therefore, we have a deficit of happiness.

Family, community and work are the primary means whereby tradition is passed down; destroy these and you erode tradition, creating a vicious cycle. In short, tradition is vital to identity. This is why some now wish to say that identity is a matter of choice, not inheritance. We choose our gender identity, it cannot be dictate chronologically prior to my choosing.

Individualism is the cause of this break down in s