The final question: Can man live without God?

Pridefully, I look at my own life and think that I have things under control. It is truly amazing how ‘in control’ I feel until some unforeseen circumstance arises and reality hits that I am far from “in control.”

While looking at this question, Mortimer J. Adler said, “More consequences for life and action follow from the affirmation or denial of God than any other basic question.” It makes sense: if there is no ultimate authority, it cannot be said honestly that there is an injustice if a child is molested, an unborn baby murdered, or a man steals ten dollars from his boss. The answer to this ultimate question infiltrates every realm of man’s life.

So is there a God or not?

With true atheism, the universe is mechanical—including man. With this thinking, determinism was the new buzz word amongst philosophers and psychologists in the nineteenth century. Charles Darwin began touting the idea that man came from natural selection—evolving from animals. This was all atheism needed; a “scientific supported reality.”

Darwin had such a consequential impact on the world as we know it today. Darwin laid the foundations of the modern Tower of Babel and impacted Karl Marx to the point where Marx dedicated his work, Das Kapital to Darwin himself. Marx, believing religion was used to control people and thereby creating societal hierarchies, took Darwin’s theory, applied it to economics, and believed he would create his man-made utopia consisting of a class-less society.

Another level of the Tower was laid.

Darwin, being a major scientific influencer just so happened to awaken a philosopher whose impact is currently in process. It has been like a hurricane that hit the coast and is still going strong throughout the country. This philosopher was Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche’s influence spread to the likes of Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini. Hitler schemed his ideas to eliminate the weak and breed the “superman” based off of Nietzsche’s ideas. These ideas were based on atheism.

The Tower Stretches to the Sky

Sigmund Freud could be added to the list of those influenced by Nietzsche. His ideals for sexual freedom forever marred the sacred marriage bed. Such is the fruit of a world without God. “God is dead,” said Nietzsche.  Nietzsche tried to live out the outworking of atheism logically and he went insane the last 10 years of his life.

The Steeple of the Tower

The bloodiest period of history and a world gone mad in the 20th century was Nietzsche’s prediction since God was dead in the 19th century. Such utter hopelessness, hatred, and tyranny of the soul comes from atheism.

It is a suicidal philosophy that embraces a belief in God—so said Albert Camus, of course, an atheist. Ironically, at the height of atheism’s success, is simultaneously the height of the world’s suicide rate.

Just like in ancient times, the people building the Tower of Babel were doing so to essentially make themselves God. Man tried to be the measure of all things. And what did God do? He took the ‘control’ from them. The Tower was destroyed. And so it shall be for atheism.

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