A Brief Case Favoring Capital Punishment

In this article, I want to do a few things. The first and foremost is to present a multi-faceted case in favor of capital punishment on the basis Scripture. In addition to this, I will briefly respond to three of the most utilized arguments against the doctrine of capital punishment. My goal is to provide a short yet compelling case in favor of my position through the clear articulation of a rational position. 

Defining Capital Punishment

Capital punishment, as I define it, is that act of political authority wherein an individual is killed for having committed crimes against the law. The question of the extent of capital punishment – answering to which crimes for which capital punishment should be administered – is a topic for another post (i.e. “the legitimate extent of capital punishment”). What I will defend here is simply the most obvious, necessary, and biblical application of capital punishment: that of capital punishment in the case of murder. 

Capital Punishment and Scripture

The biblical account of the reconsolidation of humanity post-flood provides the principle which clearly undergirds the full manifestation of the doctrine of capital punishment made fully manifest in the 13th chapter of Paul’s epistle to the Romans. As the story goes, God judges humanity for its iniquity (Gen 6:9-11). It is worth noting t