Christians Having Abortions?

It smelled like death. Or maybe that’s my imagination. I know it would smell like death inside. But we were outside in the rain. It was Friday…

…morning when two women were walking into an abortion clinic. Having help offered to them, one woman immediately shut the offer down with a self-confident reply, “We don’t need any of your help. Why don’t you go and feed the homeless.” She came out a little later and continued to lecture us about how feeding the homeless was somehow more superior than saving innocent and defenseless babies who were about to be ripped to shreds. All of a sudden, she said something that tugged on my ears hard enough to make Old Yeller give a good yelp. While talking, she mentioned her church. So I directly asked her, “You don’t claim to be a Christian, do you?” “Why yes I do, I am a Christian.” I was shocked. I had to ask myself, “What do you say to a so called ‘Christian’ at an abortion clinic?”


It is so hard to get around the emotion and excuses sometimes. “My dad’s a pastor and I’m pregnant out of wedlock.” “I had an affair and now I’m pregnant.” “I just had a kid three months ago, I can’t do this.” These situations, as hard as they might be for a woman, do not ever justify the killing of an innocent and beautiful baby. Saying the truth to one who claims to be a Christian is hard, but the truth is ultimate. God hates the hands that shed innocent blood. Having an abortion is murder. Jesus was harsh with the religious hypocrites of his day; his followers are to follow suite.


[I] told her, “Congratulations you self-righteous Pharisee!”

So how do we respond? We first respond in love. We tell the truth (Eph 4:15). We give hope and help. Regarding the woman mentioned above, there was no mincing words. She needed cold water dumped on her head. Here is why: This woman not only adamantly claimed that she was right for being there but that we were wrong for persuading other women to keep their precious children. She kept asking, “Do you feed the homeless every day?” I said, “No, do you?” With a proud and triumphant tone she said, “I feed the homeless every single day.” I then began clapping my hands and told her, “Congratulations you self-righteous Pharisee! How can you claim to be a Christian and yet encourage this woman to murder her baby? If you love God, you will keep his commandments. One of his commandments is do not murder.” She got in my face. So close I could smell the cigarettes on her breath. She spewed forth the typical response, “Don’t judge me. God says not to judge other people. Don’t pretend you know the situation. Why don’t you go feed the homeless?” I said in response, “Shame on you. Stop calling yourself a Christian. Go throw your cross in the trash.” She walked back inside the clinic with a huff and they went through with the abortion.


“Twenty-one percent of all U.S. pregnancies (excluding miscarriages) end in abortion.”


I am not saying that every Christian that is met at an abortion clinic should be confronted with such a strong interaction. There are times when Christians show up who are soft hearted. They are dealt with a great deal of tough love and gentleness. They end up thanking us profusely for being there and opening their eyes. We look to the example of our Lord when he overthrew tables in one chapter and in the other, he dealt with the woman at the well. He was honest and truthful, yet he was not over bearing. Christians are called to judge Christians (1 Cor. 5:12).  Despite how society foolishly says that judging is wrong, it is actually the most loving thing we can do. When we judge we are making a value statement about something. Though I will be judged for judging, as this woman hypocritically did, I am bound to rebuke those who take the name of Christ. All sins should be rebuked. Murdering a child made in the image of God is sin and this must be communicated clearly.


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