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    Protect Civilization. Strengthen the Church.       Defend the Family.

Our Mission


Refuting Relativism

Russell Kirk said, "Our twentieth-century world has experienced the hideous consequences of the collapse of belief in a moral order." If we in society exchange belief in objective morality --a transcendent moral order-- for clever sophism is indubitably to commit moral suicide.

The Reformation Principle

If we are to defeat the Revolution, we must have the Gospel stripped of all hindrances and set free from the superstitions in which Rome has sunk and distorted it.

Solution to the Revolution

What is capable of guaranteeing the social order after the great masses have reconsidered its foundations? What is the solution to our revolution?


A Depraved New World

Sex is one of the most foundational issues in our culture today. Read more to see what caused the dramatic shift in our culture’s attitude towards sex.

What is the Revolution?

Revolution is the characteristic world-political signature of our age, the establishment of society on man's will rather than God's order and providence.

Are Calvinists “Nice?”

Christians mistake difference of etiquette for gracelessness. Does being nice equal love? Should Calvinists sacrifice genuine unity for short-term accord?

Why are Men Opting Out of Marriage?

If the family is a bedrock of society and if men are responsible for the family, it behoves us to seriously consider the reasons why men are opting out of marriage, career, and family.



Is Oikophilia Biblical?

"Love of home" is central to conservative political philosophy. We at the Reformed Conservative contend that Oikophilia is a biblical concept.

John Rawls’s Technodicy

Rawls seems to have thought that one must choose between believing in an omnipotent and good God who cares for human beings or hoping for a more just world through human effort. Choosing the first meant resigning oneself to living in a world filled with egotism and evil. 

Westminster Divines on Private Property

In 1534 the Dutch radical reformer John of Leyden took control of the nearby German city of Münster. He sought to establish an eschatological utopia, outlawing private property.

The Authority of the State

In our efforts to shape culture according to an Authority in which the world does not believe, too many Christians have it backwards. We ask others to submit to God while rebelling ourselves.



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